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Rounds and Scoring

   Target Rounds

All rounds are shot two way

The longest distance is always shot first.  Scoring is as follows: gold 9, red 7, blue 5, black 3 and  white 1.

Petticoats (arrows hitting the boss outside the scoring area) and bouncers do not score.  

Line-cutters are awarded the higher score.

In competition there are no such things as places. Silver medals are awarded for the greatest number of hits (ladies and gentlemen). Ties are decided by score, then by golds if it’s still a tie, and then if necessary in sequence through the colours. Bronze medals are awarded for the highest score, and for the most golds.

 No archer may be awarded more than one medal for a round.

Clout Rounds

     Two consecutive clout rounds of 36 arrows are normally shot in one day.

 The scoring rings marked on the ground (or on the measuring string) are worth, from the outside working in, 1 (the white length on the string), 2 (black), 3 (blue), 4 (red) or 5 (gold) points.  A hit in or touching the clout scores 6.  Arrows are judged on where they enter the ground rather than on where the pile is, and those landing on the line between two scoring rings are awarded the higher score.  Bouncers are scored according to where the pile lies on the ground.

Sometimes an additional “shoot-off by ends” is held.  For this, during the double round the scorer notes each end whose arrow is nearest the middle – judged by distance of the part of the arrow nearest the clout, not necessarily where it meets the ground.  At the end of the double round, shoot-offs are held for the four ladies and four gentlemen with the most best arrows.  Each archer shoots these arrows individually in turn and the nearest to the clout wins.

In competition, the silver medals are awarded  to the lady and gentlemen with the highest scores for the double round and bronze medals to the lady and gentleman with the best score for the first and second single rounds.  No archers may be awarded  more than one medal with the exception of the shoot-off medals as these are judged to be for a separate contest.

Target Rounds - Championship Rounds        

   Gentlemen shoot the York round and Ladies the Double National.

  York Round: 144 arrows. 6 dozen at 100 yards, 4 dozen at 80 yards and 2 dozen at 60 yards.

  Double National:  Two rounds each of 4 dozen arrows at 60 yards and 2 dozen at 50 yards.

           Remember you are shooting at a five zone face  

Odd number of hits = odd score

Even number of hits = even score

Shoots 2