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Craft Guild of Bowyers and Fletchers

The Guild was formed in 1987 with the object of offering to archers who shoot in the traditional recreational longbow, quality products,approved by individual members of the British Long-Bow Society, and others.

Whilst free to make whatever equipment they wish, to archer's specific requirements, each Guild Member is also approved as a Bowyer, Fletcher or Arrowsmith capable of manufacturing bows and arrows which meet the criteria of the British Long-Bow Society,and can be confidently recommended in this respect. Prices charged will be fair and will reflect current market prices

Lists of Guild Members have been published on various web sites. These lists are published without the approval of the Guild are not therefore necessarily up to date or accurate. An up to date list is published in the BL-BS Events Guide.

There is  an official web site which you should visit

The British Long-Bow Society, being a quite separate body, does not accept any responsibility

for individual commissions. Arrangements are strictly between the archer and the Guild Member. Any problems arising, may, however, be referred to the Clerk for advice.

Most Guild Members' business agreements embody some form of guarantee; archers are advised to satisfy themselves in this respect, and also in respect of payment arrangements, at the time of commission. Since most Guild Members have full order books archers are advised to order in plenty of time.  

Clerk to the Guild

Mrs V M Soar

29 Batley Court


South Gloucestershire

BS15 5YZ

Shoots 2